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Quality Policy

Quality Assurance

As an acclaimed enterprise of the industry, Vento Tubos S.L. have paid huge attention to the quality of its products and services. We look beyond today to envision the steel of tomorrow.

Through our dedicated staff and strong infrastructure, Vento Tubos maintain high-level quality standards through rigorous quality checks at every level of production. We use high quality raw materials in our products to ensure the highest quality of the final product. We also provide material testing certificates for our products upon product delivery or upon customer request. We carry out rigorous quality inspections to ensure that the material dimensions and mechanical properties meet customer requirements.

Quality Activities

  • The system controls the quality of all incoming materials as per the raw material test certificate of the material. Randomly checking in each size for chemical and physical properties at Government approved laboratory.
  • During forming, pressing, forging and heat treatment process control system outlines inprocess checks and controls to be followed during heat treatment and testing.
  • Suitables fixtures and templates are used to maintain dimensional accuracy; necessary gauges and callipers are calibrated periodically to maintain their accuracy.
  • Materials are supplied with test certificate as per approved QAP. Test certificates incorporate chemical composition, mechanical properties, hardness detail of heat treatment, Ultrasonic test, Radiography test and stamping details.

We provide Relevant Chemicals & Physical Analysis Certificate along with the supply of Materials, according to the International standards. We accept Zero Defect as a quality absolute and shall design and operate our quality system accordingly.